Mange’s Memorial Service & Foundation

Mange’s memory will be honored at a memorial  service at Djurgårdsvarvet, Stockholm, on Sunday June 16 starting at 15.00 CET.

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Mange Olsson’s Memorial Foundation
A Foundation in Mange’s memory has been established. The foundation is already supported by a number of Mange’s friends, as well as of companies he worked with during his offshore racing career. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote and encourage Swedish youth sailing and boating activities by issuing grants to individuals or organizations. Read more on above link.

Seglarminne från Per Göthlin

Det var 1980 och jag och min bror Mats fick åka till Newport för att skriva om Americas Cup. (vi var chefred för Segling då).
Orten, villorna, seglingen, båtarna, pirerna, clubbarna och så själva seglarna (som vi fick äran att hänga med så mycket) har blivit oförglömliga för oss.
Vi gjorde en större intervju med Mange och Gösta Holmin på verandan i deras förläggning. Den första större som gjordes på killarna i svensk press. De var ju inte så kända då.
Artikeln publicerade vi i Segling nr 2 1981.
Sen dess har jag fått äran att intervjua Magnus många gånger, varje gång lika kul. Intelligent och så kunnig och allmänbildad, och alltid så generös mot mig oavsett vi spelade hockey-bockey match, fajtades i Trapez eller möttes på cykelbanorna i stan.
Sen bifogar jag en färskare bild av  Magnus. En bild som visar en lycklig och ödmjuk plimsollare (hans första klubb hette så) på scenen efter målgången i Volvo Ocean på Stockholms Ström – innan han gick upp för att träffa Kungen och Drottningen på yttre borggården och där Mange var den som kramade och klappade om Silvia, inte tvärtom!
Utan tvekan är han vår störste seglingsambassadör! I sanning en god människa – medmänsklig, ödmjuk, och varmhjärtad.
Per Göthlin
seglare och journalist

Final Round with Mange Banan

“I will bring the SCA boat to Antigua for RORC600 in February. That will be a perfect warm up sailing for the girls. You  arrange or a lobster dinner for us”!

Mange drove his car on the Drottningholm Golf Clubs parking lot last autumn with a big smile on his face and the typical laughter.

I had just paid the beers in the bar as Mange and Henry were the winners. The round started as always with Henry and myself in time for a warm up and Mange arriving very late to the first tee, not always dressed to golf standard (eg wearing jeans and sportshoes). As He used to play Bandy he had a very good sense for the game and most of  the times he won our golf games.

Now it feels so good to have paid that last beer.

We met first 1974 at Digital Equipment where we both worked, Mange in Field Service and myself in Sales. The customers just loved Mange when we visited them togegther, as he smiled and joked all the time. He could  say ” I did not bring an oscilloscop it is enough to repair this computer with a chewing gum.”

On our final Golf Round we talked about the PDP11 computer its different Operating systems and the version LSI -11 which was the computer onboard the Swedish Americas Cup challenge “Sverige” 1977. As Magnus had a Master of Science education he was supervising the development of the navigation software for “Sverige” which was developed by two students at the Royal Institute of Technology  in Stockholm.

On hole 15 we slipped into talk about girls working with us at Digital. We were speculating if these nice girls were preserved as good as we imagined we were. I do not remember what our conclusion was. But a lot of laughter.

And also as always, Mange did not have time to stay for dinner at the Golfclub, he had a sailing activity going on in the evening. I served Mange and Henry beer and we planned alternative dates for a Crayfish party in september (that never happened becuse of the SCA Project) and also the visit to Antigua and the RORC 600 in feb 2013.

Last mail from Magnus in february: We do not have time for RORC600 7 girls and myself will sail the boat direct to Lanzarote.

My thoughts go to Magnus family.

Will miss you my friend and look for that sign in the sky.

Bo Löweberg  friend

A tribute to Magnus by Mikael Lindholm

For the Memory of Magnus Olsson,

Magnus Olsson is one of the most extraordinary person I have ever met. It is therefore with great sorrow and regret I write these words…

I met Magnus several times and I can not say I was a very close friend of his, but the unique thing with Magnus was that he was so deeply focused in each person he met, so it felt as if you were part of his family. For Magnus it was more important to givet than to receive – which is a rare quality of the human race. In other words he was a good example to mankind. This world needs more people like Magnus!

The first time I met Magnus was many years ago after his talk about the ”Whitbread Round the World Race” in Uppsala, Sweden. Then we sailed a long distance race with Laser in Nynäshamn. We manage to bump into each other in Aukland, when he sailed on EF Language and then in Gothenburg, when he sailed on Assa Abloy. Everytime it was like we known each other forever.

I admire Magnus as a fantastic source of inspiration, a great team leader, a team player, someone that everyone admires, respects and looks up to.

Magnus was a great amabssador for the sport of sailing, which he loved. He has surely inspired many people to chose sailing as their main sport. He was aslo a person that media loved to talk to, since he was always spontaneous and could never hide what he felt at that perticular moment.

I strongly belive that Magnus, with his unique qualities, could also successfully have been a coach for a big soccer team, CEO of a big Copmany or even the leader of United Nations and in that case it would be peace on this planet!

It is a huge loss for us all that such a fantastic person shall end his days way too early. Magnus had still a lot to give and everyone around him had still a lot to receive in the form of wisdom, eperience, knowledge, inspiration, joy and an increased appetite for life!

Thanks Magnus, for everything we have received from you! You will allways remain in our hearts!

Mikael Lindholm and family Anna & Nils
Enköping, Sweden

From Aksel Magdahl: Magnus’ happy boat

In a tribute to Magnus Olsson, his skipper onboard Ericsson 3 in 2008-09, Aksel Magdahl describes his Swedish friend’s faith, allowing him to make a bold tactical decision which led to an unexpected and splendid victory in the leg from China to Brazil.

It was the longest leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09, and after their delayed start due to their disastrous previous leg, nobody expected the youngsters from Ericsson 3 to shine between Qingdao and Rio.

But skipper Magnus Olsson’s philosophy and navigator Aksel Magdahl’s talent made for a surprise result. After leaving China, Ericsson 3 tacked to go back northeast, avoiding a huge area of high pressure in the south. Magdahl’s unconventional analysis allowed Ericsson 3 to ride a low-pressure system spinning up to the northeast.

This brilliant coup gave them a comfortable lead, which they kept over the next 6,000 miles. The triumphant arrival of the team in Rio remains one of the strongest memories of Olsson and his boys in the race.

Here, Magdahl tells us how Olsson gave the boat a “happy” feeling, giving his Norwegian navigator full confidence and allowing him to take his own decisions.


I had the chance to spend two years of my life close to Magnus in the Ericsson project for the Volvo 2008-09. There will be a big void left after him. I’ve been in contact with most of the Ericsson 3 guys and we all share similar feelings.

We faced tough times on Ericsson 3: the pre-race crew selection, a penalty for our ‘illegal keel’, boat breakages and a skipper change. We manage to come back on legs 4 and 5 but I was beyond my limit at that stage and I don’t think I was the only one. We endured whale damage and took last place on leg 7. We had to take tough ‘push or slow down’ decisions and a disastrous tack cost us home victory and glory on the leg into Stockholm. We didn’t always agree onboard… but we had a lot of respect for each other.

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A Happy Memory of Magnus from 1984

Mange and I were together during a delivery of 2 yachts from The Canary Islands to Fort Lauderdale with a planned stop in St. Bart. Unfortunately Hurricane Klaus got in the way and destroyed St. Bart’s harbor.

Our yachts were separated but we met up again in Nassau harbor. We sailed towards Fort Lauderdale over the Bahama Banks under spinnaker at 5 knots. Mange brought up his surfboard (made out of a floor board) and we sailed so close together that the crews could jump between the boats and go surfing on Mange’s board. That was a great day.

I knew Mange for a long time and he was a fantastic guy. I will always remember him fondly. My thoughts are with his sons as well as his entire family and extensive group of worldwide friends.

– Janne Friberg S  Sarasota FL/Stockholm

From Staffan Salén

With the passing of Magnus “Mange” Olsson KSSS and the Swedish sailing community has lost one of it’s all time greats. There has probably never been a more inspirational sailor and human being than Mange, always having a positive word to say and a wealth of experience to gladly share. He will be truly missed both as a friend and as a sailor.

Staffan Salén
Commodore, Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Simon Le Bon’s lament for old crewmate Magnus

Simon Le Bon sailed with Magnus Olsson on board Drum in the 1985-86 edition of the race. The Duran Duran frontman has sent Volvo Ocean Race this personal tribute to his smiling Swedish friend, who died on April 20 at the age of 64. A musician and the owner of the maxi yacht Drum, Le Bon was participating in the Fastnet with skipper Skip Novak when the boat lost her keel and capsized.

Before being rescued, the crew members were trapped underwater, inside the hull, for 40 minutes.

Despite the accident, the Duran Duran singer went on to complete what was then the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1985-86, with Magnus Olsson, his “flat footed friend”, among the crew.

We’re sailing down a wave
you and me
and all shipmates bunched like knuckles in the cockpit
a lazy fist punch through the spray and the spindrift
white arrow gleaming, touched by the sun
but your smile is brighter
and you laugh louder
than the howling old sea when she bangs on our Drum
Goodbye flat footed friend
and many other things which set you apart
for in the cold and damp
the world has need of folk like you
to keep the ember alive
when you blow on its heart

Simon Le Bon